Emmanuel AME Church – Catalyst for Renewed Action

A Message from the Global President
Dr. Willie C. Glover
Connectional Lay Organization

As our sisters and brothers of Emmanuel AME Church spoke with God, our brothers and sisters went home to eternal rest. I’m told that there are some survivors and one person reported that the killer kept him/her alive to tell what happened. Rev Pinkcney’s strong will and urgency in life gave us the benefit of compassionate and determined leadership… He accomplished much in a short window. Everyone

We are stunned yet claim the spirit of Denmark Vesey who gathered in that very same church – We are determined to keep that legacy of standing against all that besmirches justice and ALL actions which attempt to make any of God’s children second class citizens. Please take note, that as history records that, ” white clergy and people of faith stood with Denmark Vesey in the 1800s”, people of all cultures, in standing with the AME Church today are joined with us in claiming that legacy.

All of us must re-commit to do all that we can to end the misuse of guns and confront the greed that allows the production of weapons of mass destruction. Gun violence in this nation is at epidemic proportions. Whenever there is an epidemic all resources are marshaled to stamp out the disease. This disease must be stamped out now.

When we gather in Charleston this summer, there will be an action agenda!

The Connectional Lay Organization joins with the Council of Bishops along with the entire AME Church family in soliciting your continued prayers. Let us keep the faith. Thank you for being here!

Willie C Glover, Global President
Connectional Lay Organization