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Implementation of the Mirroring Ministry in the Local Church – updated 8.05.18

Attached are tools to use in the implementation of the mirroring ministry in the local church. The powerpoint presentation  is an excellent tool to kick off the implementation of the mirroring project in your local churches.

I ask that the Pastors send me the name(s) of the member responsible for facilitating the discussion, organizing, compiling, etc immediately (this information will be shared with Bishop Davis).  Also,  after the Pastor shares the summaries with the church, please email the summaries to me.  Summaries from each church are due to me on or before Saturday, September 1, 2018.  Please do not wait until September 1 to email me the information.  If you have completed the mirroring ministry and the Pastor has shared the information with the local church,  email me the summaries. You may use my personal email .

Rev  Michael Bowden, Rev Dr. Allonia Holmes and Rev Jacqueline V. Robertson are the Pastors assigned to assist with this ministry.

Local Church Questions for Mirroring Project

Mirroring Implementation in the local church

Mirroring introduction