• ” Message from CLO President Makita and CLO PR Director Diane Battle  “
    “Greetings District President,
    President Makiti states, ” It is a joy that I have approved the We Speak April 2021 Edition.
    Congratulations to Director Battle for her outstanding creative skills in getting this electronic version complete.
    I pray each of you enjoy as you flip through the pages of our first electronic We Speak.”
    I am requesting; as the Connectional  Director of Public Relations that you share this electronic version within your district.  This will be the only edition until we come back from the General Conference and the 37th Lay Biennial.
    It is important to say, this is a free electronic” We Speak”edition to you and every lay member that would have received a hard printed copy. The Magazine has been shared with the CLO Executive Board, and is set to eblast out today to those in the CLO Database.
    I would like this edition to reach as many as possible in districts 1-20. Therefore , I solicit your help! We do not want to miss anyone.
    This is why I continue to ask, if you have not already, to please share your “Database” with me to help build the CLO Database to over 10,000 subscribers.
    Please click on the link below and enjoy.
    CLO President Abe Makita & CLO PR Director Diane Battle


    Conference Presidents please share with your membership. PE please share with your pastors.
    Matthew Douglas, SEDLO President
    Pauline Watson SEDLO, Corresponding Secretary