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“Lay Express” February 2019

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WNCC Lay Newsletter – February 2019

2019 January “Lay Express”

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WNCC Lay Newsletter – January 2019

2019 Annual Lay Membership Drive

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WNCC Lay Membership Letter 2019

December 2018 “Lay Express”

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WNCC Lay Newsletter – December 2018

Bridging the Gap

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Bridging the Gap

We have all heard the colloquialism, “taste so good make you want to slap your mama”. This sentence has long been used to describe food that tastes exceptional.

Today was the first Sunday of Advent Season and as we prepare to go into a New Year I challenge all of us to S.L.A.P. ourselves every Sunday until the new year and periodically after.

We know there is a decline in the youth and young adult participation in our churches and we need a S.L.A.P.  In an effort to grow the youth and young adult membership in our churches at the start of your morning worship service in the coming weeks please S.L.A.P. yourself!

S- STOP. When service begins take a moment to just STOP and be present in the moment

L- LOOK around

A- ASSESS your population of 18-35 years old. Are they there? Do you have at least 10 present? Are they actively participating?

P-PROCEED with a Plan based on your assessment

Thank you,

Mary Harris,


Penny Oliver,

WNCC-LO President

October 2018 Lay Meeting Minutes

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Lay Minutes Oct 13 2018 St James, WS

2019 Lay Membership Drive

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November 24, 2018

I greet you in the Mighty and Matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!

The Western North Carolina Conference Lay Organization 2019 membership drive has begun! Membership dues are $6.00 for adults.  Membership dues must be current for voting and election privileges.

Please send your membership dues and names to the Credential/Membership Chair, Sister Shontea Smith, 309 Cherry Grove Street, Durham, NC  27703.

Our country is in a very dark place now. Gregory Bush, killed two Blacks at a Kroger in Louisville, Kentucky after he went to First Baptist Church in Jeffersontown, a Black congregation, with the intention of shooting those in the church. Fortunately, the doors were locked, and a member in their car in the parking lot called the police. Closer to home a school in Matthew, NC was placed on lock-down because of a shooting. Pipe bombs were sent to two of our former presidents, a former vice-president, former secretary of state, two former national intelligence officials, two US Senators, a Congresswoman, and other citizens. Eleven people were killed and a number of people, including four police officers, were killed by a gunman who went on a shooting spree at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA

Let us be in fervent prayer for our nation and its people, as we pray for the world in which we live. Thus, I implore YOU, to join the WNCCLO, let us put on the Mantle of Unity and use all of our God-given gifts of the Spirit. Let us work together to allow God to be lifted up, and glorified the mission and purpose of our Lay Organization.

I thank you for your willingness to serve!

The Western North Carolina Conference Lay Organization

Sister Penny Oliver, President

Sister Betty Parker, 1st Vice President

Brother Adam Johnston, 2nd Vice President

Sister Barbara Myers, 3rd Vice President

Snapshot of WNCC-LO History

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WNCC Lay Org Brochure


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October 2018 On 2nd Thought

From the Desk of...

Penny Oliver, President

Do not be discouraged by the storm. The enemy is not going to roll out the red carpet and let us fulfill our destiny, but know this: the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you.

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May God bless us with the true spirit of Christianity, that we may live together, not as man over man, but as lay persons working with God.