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Dr. James C Johnson Scholarship-WNCC 2022-2023

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WNCCLO Minutes March 12 Meeting

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Kittrell-Allen-Adams Scholarlship 2022

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January 18, 2022

Greetings Laity!

I greet you in the Mighty and Matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ! 

As we begin a new calendar year, it is time for us to collect 2022 conference lay dues.   

Per the Discipline all AME churches are to have an Organized Lay Organization. Membership dues are $6.00 a person, for each conference year. Lay membership runs from January to January. Make the check payable to WNCC-LO, and mail the check and membership names to Treasurer, Woodrow Winchester, 912 Fairgreen Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410. Also, please add your membership on-line utilizing this link—

NOTE: You cannot pay on-line! We highly encourage you to add membership names on-line and send the names, along with the check to Woodrow Winchester. 

This is an election year for WNCC-LO Offices and for Delegates/Alternates to the SED-LO Lay Convention. We are requesting local lay presidents to complete lay membership on-line on for election of delegates on or before February 27, 2022 and for the election of Offices on or before March 9, 2022.

Laity, as I shared in 2021, we need you. We need your vision and your courage, your good common sense, your creativity, your humor and your honesty. We need you because without you we will not be complete. We will not be able to finish the great work that we have been given to do: the work of peace, of healing, of reconciliation, renewal, study, worship, fellowship and service at the local, conference, district and connectional levels. Our aim is to be Christ-centered and to strengthen the church. Our concern is for the total church and to maintain a happy working relationship between the pastor and lay.

Let’s get in “good trouble”. There are not as many of us as you might imagine, and the task is monumental. So, we need you to join the Western North Carolina Conference Lay Organization. So together, stand with the WNCC-LO and lift your voice with us and let us proclaim that we need one another, without exception. And as we do, let’s bring many more people with us into the kingdom of Christ! Be safe! Remember to follow the three W’s. W​ear (a mask). ​Wait (6 feet apart). Wash (hands frequently) and get the Vaccine!

Thank you for your willingness to serve! 

Penny Oliver, WNCC-LO President 

Jackie Kanipe, WNCC-LO Director of Lay Activities

Mary Royster-Harris, WNCC-LO Young Adult Representative

WNCC-LO January 2022 Lay Express

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WNCC-LO October 2021 Meeting Minutes

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Minutes and Roster October 9 2021

Letter of Intent SEDLO Convention 2022

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Letter of Intent Delegates to SEDLO Convention 2022

Letter of Intent Delegates Fillable Form SEDLO


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Penny Oliver, President

Do not be discouraged by the storm. The enemy is not going to roll out the red carpet and let us fulfill our destiny, but know this: the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you.

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May God bless us with the true spirit of Christianity, that we may live together, not as man over man, but as lay persons working with God.